What Makes a Good Multitool

What Make a Good Multitool

When you decide to purchase a multi-tool, what are some features you should look for so that you can make the right purchase that will meet your needs?

I believe there are four features that you will need to keep in mind when you purchase a multi-tool.

DURABILITY: The first thing that I look for in any thing that I purchase is durability. The multi-tool must be well designed and it must be constructed with quality materials. In other word, the value of a multi-tool is in its design and construction.

The last thing you want is your multi-tool failing or breaking. Usually when you pick up a multi-tool, you will immediately get a feel for its quality and durability. Take some time to work with the individual tools. Look and feel will give you a good idea if the multi-tool is durable.

Multitool in Pliers

FUNCTIONALITY: I recently purchased a multi-tool in pliers. I checked out several multi-tools and I discovered very quickly that there were a variety of designs with numerous functions. Because I use the pliers and wire cutters regularly, I looked for a multi-tool that functioned well in this area. Most multi-tools in pliers have spring loaded pliers. I would only purchase a multi-tool with an internal spring loaded pliers. If you can visibly see a spring, personally I would not purchase it.

I would also require a sharp edged blade. A good multi-tool has a sharp edge blade which is easy to open and close. It also should have a phillips screwdriver, a flat screwdriver and a wood saw. I would consider any other functions as a bonus.

PORTABILITY: A tool is only as good as its availability. A good multi-tool is always at hand. You can either carry it in your pocket or place it in a belt pouch.

Most multi-tools are the right size, shape and weight to carry in your pocket or on a belt pouch.

Personally, I would purchase a multi-tool with a belt pouch. A belt pouch allows you to carry the multi-tool at all times in a secure location.

Multifunction Tool

WARRANTY AND PRICE: If the multi-tool fails, it will usually fail within a short time. Perhaps the first or second time you use it. Warranty will allow you to quickly exchange the tool for a new one. I would not purchase a tool without some guarantee or warranty.

Price is also a consideration but only after durability and functionality. I would prefer to pay more for a multi-tool that is durable and functions according to my needs. Why buy a cheap multi-tool if it does not meet your needs? However, in saying that I would not over pay for a multi-tool either! That is why I would take my time to check out these four features of durability, functionality, portability and warranty and price.

CONCLUDING COMMENTS: Often we buy a multi-tool on impulse rather than taking the time to consider what will make a good multi-tool purchase. Therefore, spend some time checking out the different features of several multi-tools and then purchase the multi-tool that will best meet your needs.

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